Will there be any Curse of Chucky merchandise????


w855173w: I was the one lurking the other day and totally forgot I wasn't logged in :/ Jun 12, 2014 8:32:25 GMT -12
Dr.Death: naw w855173w, there's a lot of lurkers but I just hope everyone knows that you can only qualify for upcoming giveaways if you have a minimum of 50 posts. the upcomming arcade section with flash horror games will only be open to registered users as well. Jun 12, 2014 9:11:12 GMT -12
chucky09: I'm new on here.... check out the chucky paper pezzy i printed out and put together :D [br][img src="http://s29.postimg.org/64myzkter/10387321_1430926320506621_1826371140485277637_n.jpg"][br] Jun 12, 2014 9:26:22 GMT -12
w855173w: ahh I hear ya Dr. Death.. It makes sense Jun 13, 2014 0:55:44 GMT -12
shesamona: hi Jun 13, 2014 1:06:10 GMT -12
shesamona: I would like to inquire why I can not book a new topic? :P Jun 13, 2014 1:07:03 GMT -12
w855173w: I can't believe how much people want to pay for this! http://www.ebay.com/itm/181434463856?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 Jun 13, 2014 5:21:33 GMT -12
chuckyforlife: I'm new too Jun 14, 2014 15:36:42 GMT -12
Dr.Death: Shesamona if you were trying to book a topic in the classified its because there used to be a 30 post limit but no longer. The other sections should be fine Jun 14, 2014 20:32:29 GMT -12
Dr.Death: And just so you know till have to be signed in to enjoy pride of Chucky website stuff like the arcade section. I'm trying to get Pierre to stop lurking and sign in. But it should be fun Jun 15, 2014 3:48:29 GMT -12
chucky2014: Is there still a 30 post limit to post on the classifieds? I'm trying to post, but can't Jun 15, 2014 7:54:11 GMT -12
Jessica_Murder12: Hello Jun 16, 2014 12:39:38 GMT -12
Dr.Death: Chucky2014, the site is acting weird today, I believe they're doing maintenance just give it 24 hours and it should be fine Jun 16, 2014 13:41:10 GMT -12
Jessica_Murder12: Hi Dr.Death Jun 16, 2014 14:04:00 GMT -12
Dragon d4: Really? U know the original facebook was stolen. So he made another. I will have to check this out.Because it seems we are having troller problems everywere Jun 23, 2014 18:26:34 GMT -12
Dr.Death: we are, it's zsoltica, former admin on another chucky page obsessed with me. he lost his page, isn't wanted anywherer so he trolls the pride fo chucky brand Jun 24, 2014 11:42:59 GMT -12
Dragon d4: People B-| Jun 27, 2014 17:35:57 GMT -12
chucky115awesome: I love this place! Jun 29, 2014 11:54:18 GMT -12
Dragon d4: Good :) Jun 29, 2014 17:01:34 GMT -12
theycallmechucky: I really want Slash and Dash high scores in the arcade. Jul 23, 2014 23:55:33 GMT -12